"Student recruitment: challenges and solutions for volatile markets"

November 13, 2020, Moscow, Russia
The purpose of the Forum: the development of partnerships and business cooperation in the field of promotion of educational programs and recruitment of foreign students in local and global educational markets.
Forum Program
The program of the Forum consists of two key areas: global trends in higher education and strategies for the recruitment of foreign students. Russian and foreign experts will introduce modern practices of working in the international educational space, models of interaction between Russian universities and foreign partners, as well as talk about new job opportunities in "volatile markets".

Sessions are conducted in Russian and English with simultaneous translation.
Topics and questions for discussion
Political and economic risks in the Eurasian educational space: development strategies in conditions of uncertainty.
Interuniversity partnership: strategies for successful interaction.

Tools and practices of stimulation and development of academic mobility in conditions of limited resources.
Public-private partnership as a resource for entering new educational markets.
Reputation of universities: the role and place in the promotion of educational programs for foreign students.
Social and media space. Features of online promotion in the markets of Eurasia.
Forum participants
Foreign and Russian leaders and experts of state and public organizations, foundations, scientific and educational organizations, principals and vice-principals for international cooperation and marketing of higher education institutions, deans of faculties, directors and leading experts of educational agencies and consulting companies specializing in the field of foreign education.
Cost of participation
One participant
400 Euro*
Two participants
700 Euro*
*15% discount for registration and payment before 30.04.2020
Included in the cost:
Participation in the meetings of the Forum
Materials for the Forum participants
Coffee Breaks
Cocktail reception
Forum organizers
Center "Grint" (Russia), StudyCentral (UK) with the support of Russian and international government and public organizations
III Forum on International Education venue

Hotel "Azimut Smolenskaya",
Smolenskaya st., 8
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